About Me

Do you need a writer? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 25 years and through my experiences as both a writer and an editor, I’ve learned the value of making my writing clear and readable, the importance of meeting deadlines, and how to empathize with readers. I love to follow my curiosity through research, then boil it all down to something useful for your readers.

My first full-time job was as a writer and associate editor for a magazine for teenagers. When I left that job, moving from my home state of California to Florida, I began freelancing, writing for both print publications and websites (see my portfolio for examples of my work). For seven years, I was features editor for Forum, the member publication of the national support group Mothers & More. My writing has also appeared in Bay to Bay magazine, Horse Journal, and on SheKnows.com. I’ve been blogging about simple pleasures and everyday adventures at Catching Happiness since 2009.

I specialize in writing about health and fitness, travel, and other lifestyle topics such as happiness and positive psychology. In 2004, I fulfilled a lifelong dream when I bought my own horse, so I also write about horses and riding.

When I’m not busy writing or riding, I’m probably reading, gardening, sketching in my art journal, or trying to keep my young cat from harassing my old dog.

I would love to use my skills and experience to help you connect with your clients and make your business grow. Please contact me at kathy[at]kathyajohnsonwriter[dot]com if you would like to discuss your project.